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Welcome to “This Land”!

There is no hard and fast name for the area the group is currently adventuring in. The location is far north and the weather patterns are diverse. The barrier peaks is an enormous mountain range that runs the east/west across much of the land (picture the cascades). The law here is small local constabulary overseen occasionally by representatives of the last of the Paladins of Whitelaw. There was a great war some years ago which wiped out most civilization and about 60% of the peoples. Older people still remember it and speak of it. The Empire of Whitelaw ruled with an iron fist and holy righteousness. They are a zealot Lawful Good group who follow the lawful good codes to the letter. this can be very dangerous for those who don’t follow the same path so tread lightly. This Empire fell during the war when a council of Liches and an undead beholder waged war against them. This evil group also fell but followers can still be found.
There is a very powerful thieves guild though its leadership and so forth are totally invisible. Nobody really knows anything about them, just that you should steer clear.  

There is rumor about that a powerful necromancer has been dabbling far far North in the icy wastes and it is known that an evil dwarf has slowly been amassing troops of many different kinds.

Races are the standards with humans being the most plentiful.
Elves are High elves, wood elves.
Dwarves are Dwarves with the ratio of male to female about 4 to 1. Females are UNbearded.
Halflings are uncommon and follow the middle earth style.
Gnomes are creators and mad geniuses, I like the tinker gnome style. They are eccentric and have a bizarre sense of humor.
Dragonborn are very rare as are Tieflings and both races are viewed with suspicion.

Classes are from the players handbook but no monks. Since the beginning I have disliked monks and after almost 40 literal years I wont be changing my opinion

Mana is average but magic items are very rare. You will usually find quality long before you find magic. Most items are single use or few charges.

The gods are many and varied and are not averse to meddling in human affairs once in awhile.

Necromancy is highly illegal and penalty for it is death.

Main Page

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